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How to create the digital marketing area of ​​your company step by step

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How to create the digital marketing area of ​​your company step by step

Having your own digital marketing area means that your team will be more aligned with the vision, culture and values ​​of your company , instead of being just another client. In fact, when looking for professionals to hire, we must not only look at their professional skills, but also how they Turks and Caicos Islands Email List with our culture and our way of working.

By being part of the day-to-day running of the company full time, the members of an internal digital marketing team will be more involved with the success and growth of the organization and therefore, with the results.


Good communication
It is impossible to do good marketing without good communication. For everything to work effectively, there needs to be transparent and ongoing communication. And this is much easier to achieve with an internal digital marketing area, since you can access the information directly and instantly.

On the other hand, if you work with agencies, there is always a certain delay when sending and receiving information, and by not having them face to face, the potential to generate misunderstandings is greater. Therefore, when we collaborate with external teams, we must pay close attention to this aspect.


Saving resources
For small businesses, investing in a digital marketing agency can be overkill. The most economical option to continue growing with a sustainable budget is to hire a person who is responsible for digital marketing and who can carry out different actions on a small scale: email marketing, content creation, inbound strategy, social media management, marketing ads. pay per click …

We can also take into account another intermediate hiring option, which is that of the freelance. Although it is not integrated into the team to the same level as if you have your own marketing area, it offers lower costs than hiring an agency and great flexibility to order specific jobs.


What knowledge should people in your digital marketing area have?
Digital marketing is a very complex discipline that does not stop evolving, so within it there are experts in very disparate subjects.

If your business is small, you may be interested in hiring one or two people who can perform all of these roles on a small scale. But as you grow, you will be interested in having more specialized profiles to cover all your needs in depth.

Let’s see what are the 8 areas of expertise that should be covered with your digital marketing team.

is like the coach or captain of the team, since he has a global vision of the strategy and objectives and is the one who exercises the role of leader .

The CMO is responsible for creating the work culture of the team, so it is essential that it is aligned with the values ​​and the way of working of the company. Among its most important qualities are the following:

Strategic vision . The CMO has to be able to define digital marketing objectives that are in line with those of the company and develop a plan to carry them out.
Analytical vision . This person will be in charge of interpreting the results of the marketing campaigns through key performance indicators or , so they must have the necessary knowledge to understand what is happening at all times and turn the data into insights.
People oriented . For the team to work, the CMO must be a person with social skills and empathy.

The digital marketing area will be in charge of managing the brand’s online store and everything that it implies. Therefore, you must have professionals who are metric-oriented, with an analytical vision and who thoroughly understand the product and its demand patterns.
Web analysis . You must be able to work with the data generated by the activity of web users and understand consumers from a numerical perspective.
User experience .

3) Contents
This area of ​​digital marketing is aimed at creating brand-specific content that helps attract potential customers. His skills include the following:

Journalism and writing . The members of this team will be in charge of writing the contents of the web or blog and the audiovisual scripts, so it is essential that they know how to write fluently.
Audiovisual creation . They must be able to produce and edit video and audio content in different formats, from podcasts to short videos and live broadcasts.
SEO . To make it easier for the potential audience to find the brand’s content, it needs to be optimized for SEO.
Social networks . To spread the content created by the brand and communicate with the user community.

This team will be responsible for the management, maintenance and good health of the database , a fundamental asset for any brand. Within this section we find several different areas of expertise:

Email marketing : specialized in the digital strategy of emails, through which we will communicate with the database.

This area of ​​digital marketing focuses on paid actions to attract quality traffic to our company channels, such as:

Branded content : content marketing campaigns on third party sites.
Inbound marketing : use of the inbound methodology to attract potential customers to the company.

In this department we have the technical team that focuses on the back-end part of the web, the implementation of pixels and the connection of traffic channels and APIs. In a medium-large company there may be different specialized profiles within this area, such as:

Data Engineer – Responsible for data management and connection of API and data sources.
Data scientist : in charge of analyzing the big data of the company and reaching conclusions to improve the digital marketing strategy.

The design team focuses on designing the style and front-end of the company website, as well as the different creatives of the ad campaigns. Within it we have two large branches of expertise:

Designer : deals with the creative part of the web, as well as the different visual advertising resources. It also the and other downloadable content.
Front-end : it is in charge of designing the entire visual part of the web, as well as programming the front-end functionalities (those that interact directly with users).

Finally, we have the financial department , essential for the entire digital marketing area of ​​the company to function. Their tasks are focused on supporting the different areas of digital marketing, for example:

Define and measure the main financial to ensure the sustainability of the department. Among them, the return on investment or stands out, which measures the benefits obtained from investment in digital marketing.
Manage legal issues related to digital marketing, such as data protection regulations and databases.

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