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How to create a digital marketing strategy for wineries

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How to create a digital marketing strategy for wineries

Currently there are many scenarios where online marketing can make a presence with its success-oriented tools. But one of those that has an indisputable trend is the digital marketing strategy for wineries , focused on promotion, distribution and online sales. Maybe you have time trying to boost your sales, make big changes in your business and thus overcome the competition. But to achieve these and other objectives, it is necessary to have very clear factors of great importance such as what the brand is about and to whom it is directed; This will help create a good digital marketing strategy to increase the visibility of your winery. How to develop a strategy for wineries? Before creating a digital marketing strategy for wineries, it is important to know what kind of tools can be applied in a correct way for this sector.  Ailment Mailing List  That is why, this time we present you 8 strategies that will surely help you create your own: 1.- Convergent Marketing Today, the world is much more technological than it used to be, and that must be taken advantage of. If you have a winery, the ideal is to use a digital marketing strategy that can be easily adapted to any device ; In this way, new leads can be captured, while helping to retain established customers. Convergent marketing is the solution for this, since it offers the opportunity to put into practice artificial intelligence and marketing automation to optimize time much more.

The wine, in addition to being a consumer product, seeks to ensure that the customer has a different and pleasant experience when enjoying it. For this reason, it is important that the strategy that is implemented has a kind of wine tasting calendar, which can also be carried out through the winery’s social networks. In this way, users and customers can be notified in advance, while incorporating other strategies such as a discount for those who make purchases through the online store. 3.- Video marketing It’s not just planning a video marketing strategy that works, it’s executing it. Bearing in mind that video is one of the most important elements, it will also help us to create an emotional bond with clients. Today there are very few wineries that use this technique; so if you are looking to overcome the competition this is your greatest opportunity . Create and show videos of natural spaces of the winery’s vineyards or the tasting process, and thus you will be transmitting a different and unique experience to your clients. Video marketing will help to achieve more engagement in a different, effective and attractive way, which will later be transformed into sales. 4.- Instant messaging apps and Chatbots The chatbot is a marketing tool that consists of a conversation box using messages. Through this marketing tool you can start conversations with customers; at the same time, it will allow the user to have a quick response to any questions that may arise. There are also instant messaging applications where responses can be automated.

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This gives the customer the opportunity to have someone who is directly in charge of the communication and to answer the doubts and questions. 5.- Online sales Whether or not the winery has an online store, the first thing is to optimize the website and create an online store that allows an effective sales strategy. However, it should be borne in mind that the key to online sales has to do mainly with the positioning of the brand and the capture of leads. If, on the other hand, your intention is not to establish an online store, it is best to reinforce the digital distribution channels that you already have, through vertical portals that make the sales. In addition to being a trend, live videos have an equal or greater relevance than video marketing; Thanks to the fact that platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram contribute to making live broadcasts possible.  Hong Kong Lead  If this is taken as a digital marketing strategy for wineries, great results will be achieved. Examples for live videos for a winery can show special moments such as a tasting, how wine is made, or the presentation of a new product. This strategy will help not only the conversion rate and improve SEO positioning, it will also have greater engagement on social networks. 7.- Content Marketing This is nothing more than having an optimized blog or social media accounts with a news section, where you can share interesting and valuable content that is constantly updated to attract the attention of potential customers. 8.- Marketing automation One of the most effective marketing automation tools for wineries is email marketing. This tool will help make sales, thanks to the emotional bond that customers have with the winery. The information is only sent to the subscribers in the web database and who agree to receive the newsletter. The newsletter should focus on content of value to the community.

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