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How to attract new leads and increase your conversion rate by conquering featured snippets

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How to attract new leads and increase your conversion rate by conquering featured snippets

If you work with digital marketing , telemarketing data providers or have a profitable blog, one of your main challenges is certainly to increase your conversion rate. And this is really not an easy task. So much so that we’ve turned Rock’s blogs into real labs, doing frequent tests to see which new strategies work. In this article, I’m going to tell you about a   telemarketing data providers   method that we used in the Rock Content Community and that turned out to be a real success story. To be able to reproduce the practice I’m going to teach you, you only need to have a post on the front page of SERP. telemarketing data providers The featured snippet is the response box highlighted in the image above and it has the following purpose: to present the user with the best possible response, telemarketing data providers by Google’s standards.

And don’t worry, because later in this article, telemarketing data providers I’ll break out the best practices for optimizing your article and making the search engine understand that your content provides the best response. But before we get there, the first step is: Identify opportunities for snippets To dispute Google’s position of zero, you just need to have a post on the first page of SERP, ranking for a keyword that has a snippet. Because not every telemarketing data providers search results page has this feature, as you can see below in the search for “pronoun”, which features a knowledge graph Google’s own database with more direct information. Add a filter for pages and enter the URL of your ranked post on the first page. As an example, I inserted from the article about Pronouns: telemarketing data providers Through the queries shown by Search Console, telemarketing data providers you will have several SERPs to analyze and, thus, you will be able to identify several KWs with snippets.

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More than that, you will have in your hands all the snippets telemarketing data providers of content that were considered by Google as the best answers. In this way, it is already possible to perfectly understand the user’s intention and see what questions you will need to answer in your article, in order to dispute the snippets. telemarketing data providers Optimize your article for snippets It’s no use answering all your reader’s doubts. If the article isn’t optimized,  Hong Kong Lead  you won’t get zero position. So, I’m going to tell you three practices that we’ve tested and have been working very well to win snippets: 1. telemarketing data providers Answer your reader’s question with the right size text We found that, for snippets in paragraph format, the ideal is that the snippet has between 40 and 50 words, with approximately 300 characters. That is, write a very straight answer to the specific telemarketing data providers keyword and look at the next practices to know exactly where to enter it.

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