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How digital marketing will change the way your company sells in the future

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How digital marketing will change the way your company sells in the future

COVID-19 has been a time for reflection for many. Not only the people of Hong Kong but the businesses as well. With social distancing measures in place, Insurance Leads For Seniors we take a look at how long-standing Hong Kong stalwarts, such as insurance provider Prudential, are adapting to stay afloat. In this third installment of our  Insurance Leads For Seniors  Lessons of Resilience from Hong Kong Businesses series, our managing director of sales and operations of Google Hong Kong, Leonie Valentine, speaks with the CMO and CCO of Prudential Hong Kong, Priscilla Ng. Leonie: Digital literacy amongst the retirement-age population is amongst the highest in the world in Hong Kong. Insurance Leads For Seniors How has this affected Prudential’s strategy in breaking through the noise? Insurance Leads For Seniors Priscilla: For Prudential, our reaction to Insurance Leads For Seniors the lockdown in February was swift and decisive.

We felt that it was the right time for the company to demonstrate how Insurance Leads For Seniors we have embraced digital, so we moved the launch of our app forward as a way to provide support to customers during the pandemic. Previously scheduled for launch later in the year, the app was created for health and wellness services but with the ongoing pandemic, Insurance Leads For Seniors we were forced to question: was this really what people need right now? So we revamped everything and added features such as “Hospital Guide” that transformed the value that we had intended for the app. Insurance Leads For Seniors It has now evolved to be relevant to individuals. You are right, Hong Kong has one of the highest digital literacy rates in the world, so we knew we would have no problem in raising awareness on how to download and use an app, as people Insurance Leads For Seniors were already making a habit of using apps to track their health.

Insurance Leads For Seniors

Prudential needed to find a point of differentiation for our own app. Insurance Leads For Seniors What is the key value that would Insurance Leads For Seniors manage to capture our new audience’s attention away from other apps, in a society that has suddenly been forced to stay indoors?  Hong Kong Lead  Leonie: So it seems that Prudential would have no problems capturing the attention of the target audience. But what was Prudential’s strategy in marketing to drive sales? Priscilla: Well, Insurance Leads For Seniors we kept close to our company values of “Listening. Understand. Delivering.” We wanted our app to be a tool to help people in need. The obvious solution was to be a first-mover amongst our competitors and capture the conversation about COVID-19. Prudential differentiated ourselves as a digital health expert, Insurance Leads For Seniors and connected with the audience through uplifting and positive Insurance Leads For Seniors messages to help people overcome their fears of this unknown virus.

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