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Growth of e-commerce in Brazil is an opportunity for industries and large companies

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Growth of e-commerce in Brazil is an opportunity for industries and large companies

Virtual stores are a way for large companies canada mobile number list and industries to bring closer contact with the final consumer Year after year, new records are broken when it comes to online sales. Both the B2B and B2C markets have shown excellent results with their digital strategies, especially companies that have adopted an e-commerce solution to offer their products and services. This is an opportunity that not only small businesses canada mobile number list can take advantage of: industries and large companies must also bet on the growth of e-commerce as an alternative to diversify their sales channels and get closer and closer to their customers and potential buyers.  canada mobile number list Numbers prove the growth of e-commerce in Brazil The numbers for online buying and selling in Brazil are impressive: according to the Webs hoppers 40 survey , carried out by Beit and Nielsen, the country is already the largest in Latin canada mobile number list America in terms of revenue when it comes to B2C sales and Marketplaces only in 2018, the value of transactions reached R billion.

Even with companies and individuals looking to spend more cautiously , canada mobile number list mainly because of the economic context in the country, the scenario is one of optimism for online sales. That’s because customers are increasingly attracted by the possibility of shopping without having to travel, using just a smartphone, canada mobile number list tablet or notebook. It is also possible to note that many businesses have already understood the importance of investing in e-commerce to meet this demand. While in 2017 the Brazilian canada mobile number list Association of Electronic Commerce (Acomb) stated that there were 71 thousand virtual stores in Brazil, a survey by PayPal registered that there are 930 thousand e-commerce’s in Brazil, with the most diverse profiles: you can find everything from luxury goods even non-durable goods, canada mobile number list all within a few clicks and with different payment methods available.

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PayPal’s report also reinforces this increase: canada mobile number list the number of e-commerce’s in Brazil represented 2.65% of all Brazilian internet sites in 2015 and, in 2019, this number has already reached 7.04%. All these data prove that the growth of this type of sales is real and there is still plenty of room for expansion. canada mobile number list Industries and large companies still face challenges Some of the difficulties encountered in managing an e-commerce will be common to businesses of all sizes and sectors, such as having available stocks to meet customer demands, canada mobile number list as well as making adequate descriptions of products and services to avoid mistakes in the purchase and sale. However, some specifics will be found by managers of industries and large companies.  Hong Kong Lead  It is worth noting that all of them must be considered as a challenge, canada mobile number list but not as a barrier. After all, it is possible to carry out strategic planning to successfully serve customers. Logistics and distribution When the company chooses to have its own canada mobile number list virtual store, major steps such as distribution and retail become even greater responsibilities.

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