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Google will show podcast episodes in search results

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Google will show podcast episodes in search results

Google announced that episodes of podcasts get chinese phone number will be shown on search pages, making it possible to listen to them individually in the search engine. If you’re still not convinced of the potential of podcasts , maybe this is an interesting time to know that Google has been very confident about this type of content.  get chinese phone number  And, if you’re part of the growing group of people who consume the format on a daily basis, you’ll be very happy to know that the world’s largest search engine has decided to feature podcast episodes on its own results pages . get chinese phone number The announcement about the new was made on Thursday, August 8th, and the functionality is now available for searches in English located in the United States. Want to know more about how Google audio streaming will work and what the effects of this big change will be? get chinese phone number So keep reading and stay informed about the subject! How to listen to podcasts on Google page?

Before we explain how the new thing will work, get chinese phone number it’s important to talk a little about how the search for podcasts currently works in the search engine. In these situations, it is still necessary to specify the desired format, typing the keyword plus the term “podcast”. In other words, a search such as: “Podcast on Digital Marketing ”, get chinese phone number was one of the only possible ways to find an episode or podcast that contains this KW in the title. With this change, for any search as long as there is some quality audio material related to the topic it will be possible to find podcasts get chinese phone number ranking on SERP . It is also worth remembering that the technology company has confirmed that this modification will also be available for Google Assistant . That way, it will be even easier to listen to a podcast , and even get to get chinese phone number know new ones about the topics that you like.

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How to rank podcasts on Google? get chinese phone number Taking a more practical view, the big question that arises is: how to get a good ranking with a podcast? And to answer that, Zack Reneau-Wedeen, product manager of Google Podcasts , get chinese phone number said it will take a few criteria into account, such as: content quality ; number of listeners; authority of the podcast. Although they seem a little vague, these three points can be a good parameter if combined with other SEO knowledge we get chinese phone number have gained so far.  Hong Kong Lead  From this perspective, the quality of the content will be related to the technical issue of content production, but it may also have a lot to do with its get chinese phone number alignment with the user’s intention . Another example would be the authority of the podcast, which can be linked to the strength of the domain of origin, get chinese phone number being it a great producer of digital content or simply a brand already consolidated in the market.

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