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Female entrepreneurship: the role of women in the business world

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Female entrepreneurship: the role of women in the business world

It comes as no surprise to many people purchase phone number lists that women have risen to prominence across the world, in politics, economics, technology and other areas that were commonly dominated by male figures. And it would be no different in entrepreneurship. In December 2016, Forbes released an article listing the most powerful women in Brazil for the year. Months earlier, in June, the same magazine this time the American version  purchase phone number lists   had run a story about who the most powerful women in the world were . In both cases, some of the figures were women associated with the business world. Overcoming the barriers imposed by prejudice, the market, the economy and many others, several entrepreneurs and business women have built real empires or purchase phone number lists conquered prominent positions in large companies, with leadership positions that a few years ago were predominantly occupied by men. To give you an idea, according to a survey conducted by Sabra in 2014, 51.2% of new projects created every year are made by women. purchase phone number lists And, among the consolidated businesses, 42.3% are headed by them.

However, this does not mean that things purchase phone number lists are in their ideal plan. Unfortunately, many women still face gender-specific difficulties when choosing to pursue careers associated with business and entrepreneurship. According to a survey by the American Chamber of Commerce (Macham), 76% of the 350 respondents still believe that there are problems of inequality in relation to the treatment of men and women within the business environment. purchase phone number lists The same survey also showed that for 80% of respondents, women are mostly ignored in the selection for management positions. For reasons such as these, the conquest of women in the business world has demanded greater effort on their part and has also been significantly slower than for men. And if you are a woman who wants purchase phone number lists Main challenges for women in female entrepreneurship Among the greatest difficulties faced by women in entrepreneurship, as shown by the Macham survey, one of the main ones is still the lack of opportunities . First, because there are, numerically, more men than purchase phone number lists women “disputing” for leadership positions within large companies,

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due to historical and social issues associated with professional choices and the late when compared to men significant entry of women into the business world. purchase phone number lists To give you an idea, according to the McKinsey survey , 81% of executive positions are held by men. Second, due to the unfortunately undeniable machismo itself, which still exists in the business world, mainly in more traditional companies and markets, purchase phone number lists as demonstrated by the Macham survey. Another survey, this time by IBGE, proved these two reasons: in Brazil, the difference in the educational level of women is evident, as is the difference in wages.  Hong Kong Lead  Women’s income, in general, represents only 76% of men’s income, although, according to the survey, they work more. purchase phone number lists Another difficulty is the difficulty of reconciling personal and professional life . Generally, in addition to large positions in companies or the business itself, women still have major responsibilities associated with home and family, which makes the female routine more tiring and also more challenging. Many women still choose to leave their professional life in the background to the detriment of marriage and children, and in many cases because they do not believe that it is purchase phone number lists possible to successfully reconcile the two.

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