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Email marketing to organize events: step by step how to do it

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Email marketing to organize events: step by step how to do it

Email marketing is not only a channel to send invitations to your event, but it can also become a real “operations center” from which to carry out much of the management. These are some of its advantages:

Organize the Armenia Email Lists segmentation of your mailing list to reach all the participants in your event. The most basic thing is to create separate lists for attendees, speakers and sponsors, but you can go much further, for example, segmenting the lists based on the confirmation date or if this person has attended other events of your brand.
Do A / B tests with ease. Email marketing is the ideal tool to carry out controlled experiments by sending different messages to a small part of your list. Thus, you will be able to know what type of messages, content and offers are most attractive to those attending your event.

Automate the entire event registration process . After reaching a landing page and filling in a form, the user receives a series of personalized emails with all the information of the event without you having to intervene.

Measure all interactions before, during and after the event. Email marketing platforms offer detailed statistics and reports, so it is very easy for you to keep track of the entire campaign.

You already know that with the , you cannot send messages to everyone who has given you their email for any reason, but only to those who have given their express consent to receive marketing campaigns from your brand. So the first thing is to make sure that all the contacts in your database meet this requirement. By the way, you can take the opportunity to clean up and eliminate email addresses that generate bounces or that have not opened your emails for a long time.

Then segment your database into different lists with the criteria that make the most sense for your particular event. As we have indicated previously, at a minimum we should divide into attendees, speakers and sponsors.

The more adapted your emails are to their recipients, the better they will work. Some basic features, like including the recipient’s name and city or mentioning the last interaction they had with your brand, can help make your email much more effective.

Going one step further, you can propose a strategy according to profiles . For example, you can ask yourself what the event brings to different recipients and adapt the content of your email according to the star advantage for each profile.

The invitation email is the key to promoting our event. Its function is to publicize the event among our contacts and invite them to participate.

The invitation email must highlight all the basic information of the event (what it is about, who participates, when is it, how to sign up …) and add some extra elements that highlight the benefit of this event for the recipient of the email (as in the case of the landing page). You can also include special discount codes here, for example, for registering before a certain date.

The most important “ingredient” of the invitation email is the call to action , which directs recipients to the landing page so they can sign up for the event. A word of advice: before submitting, double-check that all the links and buttons are working and that the information about the event is correct.

Once the user has registered for the event, an automated email should arrive confirming that they have signed up correctly. This email serves as a point of reference for everything related to the event, since it is likely that the user will consult it again. Therefore, it should include the basic information and, in the case of virtual events, a link to be able to follow the broadcast live.

If you’re going to use referral codes for attendees to send to their contacts, this email is a good place to include them.

Between the time of registration and the day of the event, it is a good idea to complement the email marketing strategy with a series of emails that enrich the experience and maintain the expectation.

If you organize a virtual event, you must take into account the fatigue generated by video conferencing. Normally, in this format, it is difficult for us to follow the thread of many presentations in a row, and many times technical problems arise.

So that your attendees can make the most of the event, you can send them a series of additional emails, for example, a detailed summary of each presentation so that they can decide which ones to attend, files for each speaker, links to the presentations or other additional materials.

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