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Email marketing: how to grow your click-through rate (CTR)

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Email marketing: how to grow your click-through rate (CTR)

Do A / B tests with the subjects . To improve your CTR, the first thing you have to work on is the open rate: after all, if a user does not open your email, it is impossible for them to click on the offer inside. And to achieve this, you must get their attention with a good subject. A / B tests will allow you to try different formulas until you find what really works.

When it comes to writing the body of the email, don’t get involved! The more concise the email, according to Bulk , the easier it is for the recipient to click on the offer before they get bored and give up. Another very useful trick is to start with what is most important.

Includes options Benin Email Lists to share on social networks. Emails that include the option to share on a social network have 30% more clicks than those that do not include any. If there are 3 or more, this percentage goes up to 55%. And is that although your offer may not be of direct interest to the recipient of the email, it is likely that their friends are interested.
Segmentation helps increase click-through rate by avoiding annoying users with offers that are irrelevant to them and by offering them what really interests them. According to studies, using segmented databases in your email marketing allows you to obtain 18% more transactions, 24% more sales and 24% more income.
It is a logical consequence of the previous step: once you know who you are talking to, think about how you can offer value in a personalized way and you will increase your chances of being right.

Thanks to marketing automation, you can go one step further and introduce custom variables in your emails (not just the name!). Think about how you can use all the information you have about the customer: purchase and download history, satisfaction index, activity on your website, location, age, date of birth …
Eliminate distractions . As with landing pages, emails must be free of elements that could distract the recipient. Therefore, avoid including the navigation menu of your page or combining several different offers. The ideal in terms of CTR is that each email has a single objective and that it is very clear from the beginning.

The postscript is a very useful resource for restatement of an offer. In addition, it is an element that stands out clearly from the body of the email, so it is easier for it to end up attracting the attention of the people who read the promotional emails above (that is, the majority).
The sense of urgency is one of the oldest tricks in marketing … because it works! If your email offers are only available for a limited time, users will have more incentives to click right now.
Make sure your emails are fully responsive . Most users look at their email from mobile phones, tablets and other devices, but you can’t forget about laptops and desktops either. In short, to achieve a good CTR you need the design of your emails to work perfectly and be attractive on screens of all sizes.

If you are looking to improve your click-through rate , links are an absolutely key element of your email marketing . After all, this is where your users should click, right? But many times we do not pay all the necessary attention to this detail. So that it does not happen to you, take good note of these practices:

Links should stand out at first glance and be clearly identifiable as such. To do this, make them have a different color from the rest of the text (blue is a classic) and that they are underlined and in bold. It is also important that they do not appear in the middle of a very long paragraph, but in isolation and with a little white space above and below.
Take care of the location . At least one of the links (and if possible, several of them) should appear at the top of the email, without the user having to scroll down to see them. This way it is more difficult for them to be overlooked.


To increase the percentage of clicks, you have to make it easy for the user. But if you go overboard with links, you can end up in the spam folder. As always, remember that you can do tests until you find the optimal formula.
Optimize the text of links and calls to action . Try to keep it simple, be as relevant as possible to your target audience (remember: segmentation is key), and answer the what, why, and how.

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