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To know what email marketing is, you must be clear that we are talking about one of the most direct forms of communication in the digital field, between company and client. In this way, email marketing, emailing or Cayman-Islands Email List mailing, is the mass sending of emails to a group of clients or potential clients . It is a very powerful direct marketing tool , and the one that brings the best results , with an of approximately 4,300%.

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Email marketing and remarketing the definitive strategy

What is remarketing?
On the other hand, remarketing is a strategy that is used to lead towards conversion to those users who have initially shown interest in a product, but who have finally abandoned the purchase before finalizing it. Remarketing is the online way we have to go after our client , bring him back and know if he is still interested in buying our product or simply remind him of a purchase that never finished, or what is the same, the hateful abandoned cart.

Abandoned carts are increasing quickly and easily in the digital realm. After this abandonment, we found very varied reasons , such as shipping costs, wanting to compare prices on other websites, technical errors on the website, saving the product for “another time”, but ultimately, most of the time you can Summarize in two reasons: time and money .

Some studies tell us that if a visitor abandons their cart and does not return to the purchase in the next 60 minutes, the probability that they will return to complete their operation is reduced to 90%.

With remarketing through email marketing, you can immediately send an email to your potential customer, and prevent their desire to buy from getting cold.

Email Marketing and Remarketing

Why unify your remarketing strategy with an email marketing campaign
At this point, you may still be wondering. Why unify strategies? Their union can bring many benefits and advantages to your business, such as:

Gain notoriety and visibility as a company.
Low cost.
It helps you get direct conversions via email.
Possibility of generating cross-selling to those customers who bought certain products.
Its is high for the investment that it entails.
There are many reasons, and they are quite good. Next, we will give you a little more information so that you use both strategies in the most optimal way.

How to use remarketing in your email marketing campaign?
The union of both becomes a very complete strategy, with little chance of failure. The ” remarketing emails “, according to experts, can be able to generate almost four times more income, and net profits eighteen times greater compared to traditional email marketing.

How can you apply remarketing in email marketing? We give you five tips for you to achieve the most effective email marketing remarketing:

Don’t let more than an hour pass to send your remarketing campaign. If you take longer, as we have told you before, the desire to buy your brand will fade more and more and more until it is nonexistent.
Adapt and personalize your email marketing campaign (remarketing) to the potential buyer. For example, you can address them by their first name and offer assistance to help them buy on your website, since perhaps the cart abandonment was due to an error on the website.
Notify your customer of the date their cart will expire . In this way, you revive the customer’s desire for your product. You can clarify that their products will be stored for a certain time before emptying their cart.
You can send an email in which the product that you abandoned in the shopping cart appears, to remind you that the operation did not complete.
Within your email, you can highlight your with a link that directs it directly to the shopping cart saved on the web. In this way, you cannot make it easier: you send your buyer where you want him to carry out the action.
On the other hand, you can also use remarketing in your email marketing campaign for other purposes than to avoid the abandoned cart syndrome. For example:

Remind a user that they left their process to your newsletter halfway.
Reminders to regular customers who have not made purchases on your website for too long. How can you do it?. Perhaps simply by telling them that you miss them and inviting them to come back to your brand / company.

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