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ecommerce trends for

2020 was full of changes, the e-commerce boom was felt at all levels and it will continue to say present for this year. More and more companies, regardless of their size, are transforming and reinventing their ways of reaching the public. If this is your case then keep reading, because we will tell you the main ecommerce trends that set the tone for 2021. Why did ecommerce and digital marketing gain so much ground? Simple, because they allowed brands to have a new scope to offer their services or products through new channels.  Buy A Motorcycle Owner Mailing List  As long as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc, this will undoubtedly be the best way to reach people; And even when it comes to an end, people will still favorite electronic channels to get what they need. This occurs and will continue to occur due to the ease and convenience offered by online shopping. As if that were not enough, the processes involved in online shopping have also improved, allowing customers to find and choose the items they want with ease; in addition to paying for them using a wide variety of options. Given all this bunch of arguments, it is perfectly clear that ecommerce is more relevant than ever.Without further ado, these are the ecommerce trends that you have to pay close attention to for this 2021: Chatbots The nice robots attributed to Artificial Intelligence, which are in charge of interacting with users through a web page, have been in the limelight for some time, but they are destined to continue causing a furor.

Why? Because there is an increase in the interest of users to use them for different needs, such as to receive a quick response in an emergency, or even to solve a complaint or problem. The key is to optimize customer service , so you avoid being abandoned. If you don’t have one on your website or in the social media messaging apps, you are losing money every day. They, the chatbots, can automate many of the customer service tasks, so that your team can focus on other tasks. In addition, if they respond efficiently to the user’s concerns, they may end up buying, right? Voice search Alexa, Google Home or any other smart speaker are already part of many people’s daily lives, and it is because they like to use their voice as a search tool. So you have to be on these devices yes or yes, because voice search has become a trending topic. What can you do? Prepare yourself at the SEO, SEM and UX level for voice searches. Lean on a digital marketing agency to help you apply the longtail keywords. With them you can set a new SEO strategy, configure new structures for your SEM campaigns and modify your website so that the user experience is truly the maximum. This type of agency will use structured data in your ecommerce, in order for search engines to recognize that your website is optimized for voice search. With this, you will increase the chances that Google will consider the content of your ecommerce when deciding how it should respond to a specific voice search query. Digital wallets This strategy is part of the ecommerce trends because it is directly related to the new forms of payment, which make your customers live a much more fluid purchase process and want to return to you again and again.

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This 2021 you have to get a digital wallet, it does not matter if you want to opt for Apple Pay or you decide for Google Pay ; What counts is that they allow the user to pay quickly and easily, without having to fill in your account number or having to go through a payment gateway. Personalization In these times it is vital that you arm your brand with a very good personalization strategy. The emails you send, the Instagram or Google Ads ads, the product recommendations and the content that appears when a user enters the home of your ecommerce come into play here. An inescapable reality is that personalization strategies are difficult to execute, but when well implemented they allow teaching super personalized messages to thousands of customers in multiple interactions. To do this, you have to use the support and advice provided by a digital marketing agency .  Hong Kong Lead  Value experiences Beyond showing that you want to sell, you also have to focus on “making the user fall in love” by betting on the creation of valuable experiences, with the purpose that they have a pleasant time and want to buy your products. Let’s transform this ecommerce trend into a clear example: Just as physical stores use music, smells, and screens to please the face-to-face user; You can manage it to offer an incredible user experience, which is out of the ordinary. Bet on augmented reality, or virtual reality glasses, so that your users feel as if they were in a physical store; and that they can almost touch the products. Omni channel technology of online retail business. Multichannel marketing on social media network platform offer service of internet payment channel, online retail shopping and omni digital app. Shoppable content We insist that you facilitate the user experience, the ecommerce trends this 2021 mainly point towards that, you cannot be left behind! Use any content (image, video, article, gif, audio) that allows them to directly buy your product / service, add items to the cart or go directly to the product or service page and continue shopping from there.

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