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Do you need higher search engine rankings? Public Relations can help

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Do you need higher search engine rankings? Public Relations can help

If you are part of pre-millennial generations, you will remember that, a few decades ago, finding a new brand was only possible under certain circumstances; for example, on the shelves of supermarkets while we walked their aisles. Several brands even had to pay a high to get Germany Email Database a space at the level of the consumer’s eyes.

To be honest, this is how I found a brand of jam that remains my favorite to this day. While waiting in line at the checkout, I saw it, examined it externally and decided to buy it even without knowing more about it. When I tried that apricot jam, everything changed, it stayed forever in my mind and on my palate.

A lot has changed when it comes to brand discovery . Today, the opportunities to find a new brand and product have widened in the digital world, causing 74 percent of consumers to already use online search to consult information about a product, according to data from We are Social and . So if your business fails to make its brands or products it could lose the opportunity to gain traffic to the website, generate new leads. and drive sales.

If you have difficulty generating new customers, you may have a problem to be found. What does this mean? Simply put, consumers can’t find you in their online searches, and they may not even know you exist. This issue is critical, because 71 percent of consumers prefer “self-discovery” to find a product, compared to just 29 percent who prefer push advertising actions. , according to a Mention Me study.

Do you want to solve this problem? The first thing you need to do is a simple diagnosis to know your search engine positioning and determine how your brand is, following these steps:

I. Make an organic online search, with terms related to your brand, products or services. In addition to your brand name, remember to use terms associated with your industry; for example, if your business is dedicated to the sale of agricultural fertilizers, also use search terms such as: “how to improve crop growth”, “better crop yield”, “benefits of the use of fertilizers”, among others. If you already know the keywords or search intent terms your potential customer uses, then use them for your search.

II. Answer these questions:

1. Does your company appear in the results?

2. How easy is it to find your brand, products and services?

3. Do your competitors appear in the results?

4. Is your brand ranked above your competitors?

Whatever your answers, consider the following: the first page of search results captures 71 percent of search traffic clicks; And this amount could rise to 92 percent in the next few years, according to Moz figures. Second page results are far from a close second and rank below 6 percent of all website clicks.

6. What are the ratings, reviews and criticisms about your business, brands and products?

7. Have you thanked users who left a positive review and replied to those who left a negative review, addressing their issues and inviting them to come back for a better experience?

The reviews refer to the opinions and comments that customers can leave on your web site or third party sites where reference is made to your products or services. In addition to helping your business improve its online reputation, these contents give greater visibility in search engines, which is why it is necessary to manage them to make your business . What’s more, 91 percent of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 93 percent say these reviews have influenced their purchase decision, according to

Once you have responded, you will have a basic diagnosis, useful enough to take the next step and start creating a strategy that makes your brand

Think of an Optimized Public Relations strategy
Streamlined PR efforts are geared toward driving opportunities to make your brand easier to find online. While optimizing your SEO and PR strategy separately can help your business, combining them increases search engine visibility and makes it easier for customers to find your brand across various channels, such as search engines and social media. .

Global Web Index data indicates that the five most common brand discovery methods are: search engines (35 percent), television ads (34 percent), word of mouth (29 percent), social ads ( 27 percent) and branded websites and website ads (both 25 percent). Considering these data, RP can promote you in these channels:

Word of mouth: RP encourages digital word of mouth nurturing the brand’s own media with earned media, and sharing contributed content.
Social Ads : Through paid tactics, optimized can amplify proprietary or earned content (especially from reputable sites and high domain authority), using ads to give them greater visibility and make them
In this age of digital transformation, getting our consumers to see our brand is more difficult than simply paying for a place in full view. Just look at the internet and digital channels to realize the number of brands competing for consumer attention.

Optimized PR strategies can boost your brand and bring it closer to consumers just when they need a product or service that you can offer them. The sooner you start working to make your brand easy to find, the sooner you will start attracting new potential customers.

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