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Do you know what a dark post on Facebook is and what is it for?

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Do you know what a dark post on Facebook is and what is it for?

Dark posts on Facebook are a tool through which the possibilities of reaching content on said social network can be improved. As the possibilities and advertising tools grow in social media, creating campaigns and messages that stand out from the Uganda Mobile Database amount of information to which audiences are exposed is increasingly difficult. Related Notes: 5 steps to hiring a team that masters digital marketing This is the role emojis play in marketing strategies Why is digital marketing becoming more important? Just to give us an idea, it is worth mentioning the figures released by the data analysis company DOMO, which indicated that until the end of 2013, 72 hours of video were generated on YouTube per second, more than 277 thousand tweets were sent, 216,000 images were posted on Instagram and more than 2.4 million pieces of content were shared on Facebook.

When considering the relevance that this last social network has for audiences and, therefore, for advertisers as an important platform to connect with their target audiences, it is worth talking about dark posts or ‘invisible’ content, which are a tool Through which the possibilities of reaching content in a said social network can be improved, without the message being part of the ‘information noise’ to which users are exposed. What is a dark post on Facebook?

As the social network itself indicates from its advertising tools page, these are publications that “allow fan page owners to share their messages with the public without reaching the page’s audience organically through RSS news or spaces. in the timeline ”. Facebook, In other words, the also known as ‘invisible publications’ posts are that for users have a normal appearance in the newsfeed, but that is not actually accessible to the regular audience of the page, since they are shown with segmentation criteria according to to the particular needs of the brand. What is its usefulness? The above means that through this resource it is possible to create strategies with multiple ads that will not saturate the organic audience of the page, thereby increasing the possibilities for the effectiveness of the message. Uganda Mobile Database

In this sense, we share three reasons why dark posts on Facebook are an excellent tool for brands in social media: New and specific: audiences Thanks to the fact that this tool allows audiences to be segmented under different criteria and considering that it is not shown to the usual audience of the page in a generalized way, it is possible to reach new users in a personalized way and design actions to retain loyalty to new followers.

A / B tests without saturation: Again, since they are messages that are not visible to the entire base of followers, it is possible to test formats, design, and type Brother Cell Phone List of content to transmit the same message and thus define which is the best results delivered with segmented feedback. Execution of micro-campaigns: of hypersegmented Being ads that are presented to specific audiences, you can think of promotions or campaigns that only speak to customers who belong to a loyalty program, for example, or to users who are just starting a relationship with the company.

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