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Distinctive assets: How do you include these unique elements in your content strategy?

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Distinctive assets: How do you include these unique elements in your content strategy?

Differentiating assets are elements free number brazil that awaken the memory of a brand and all its attributes and associations. There are slogans, logos, fonts, packaging, sounds, music and other elements that are directly associated with the brand, even without mentioning its name. free number brazil Next, we’ll look at how to use them in content marketing. What comes to your mind when you think of the image of a bitten apple?  free number brazil  And when someone says that a beer goes down round? And when does the little song “two hamburgers, lettuce, cheese, special sauc” begin? Certainly many people immediately remembered Apple, Skolt and McDonald’s. And it’s no accident that these brands are in the public’s mind: branding has created differentiating assets that put brands in a special place in people’s minds. The connection is so strong, maybe you’re free number brazil already humming the Big Mac jingle, aren’t you?

Differentiating assets (or distinctive assets) are elements that stick in memory and help brands consolidate their image with the public . free number brazil But now, thinking about content strategies, is it possible to develop differentiating assets for your brand? That’s what we’re going to deal with in this article. Follow up now to understand what are differentiating assets and how to develop them in content marketing ! These elements, when associated with a brand, create an image in people’s minds. free number brazil When they are greatly reinforced by consistent and coherent communication, they “stick” in memory . Therefore, differentiation assets can be easily accessed in memory from a mere stimulus. But these elements do not mark the memory by chance. free number brazil We are talking here about a branding work. If the purpose of branding is to make a brand more desired, free number brazil remembered and positive in the market,

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differentiation assets help to create and consolidate its image with the public. free number brazil They function as mental triggers , triggering brand recall and all of its attributes and associations .  Hong Kong Lead  Why define differentiating assets for your brand? We have never lived in an age so full of brands and commercial stimuli. free number brazil If brands were already in our daily lives on TV, radio, magazines and billboards, digital marketing placed them in every moment of our lives. So, at the end of the day, which brands do people really remember? Faced with countless stimuli, free number brazil it is difficult to get this space. And the truth is, people are not worried about it at all: if 77% of the brands disappeared from the face of the earth, no one would care . That’s what a survey by Havas Media shows . The LinkedIn reveals another interesting fact: half of consumers free number brazil incorrectly identify the brands in ads and merge with competitors.

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