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To understand each other, digital marketers need to speak the same language and sometimes this is not easy, since it seems that new concepts emerge every week. In recent years I have heard of customer media, branded content, custom publishing, custom content, native content … in short, a real mess.

The fact is that if we do not use common terms, it is much more difficult for Croatia Email List us to have clear ideas and that results in it being more difficult for us to know which tools are the most appropriate at all times. So in the end, being clear about the terms will help you achieve better results .


What is Content Marketing?
The content marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and compelling content to continuously to reach our target audience. As with other types of marketing, our ultimate goal is to influence the consumer to increase our sales. We seek to create trust, credibility and authority through a long-term relationship with the consumer. It has been so important in recent years that in the world of digital marketing it is already a to say that

To distribute this content, content marketing relies on owned media : the brand’s own media or channels to communicate with its followers, that is, places it owns where it displays its content. The classic example of owned media will be our own website or blog, but we also have the brand’s own channels on social networks and other sites; In this case, the profile or page will be our property but we will have to adapt to the policies and way of working of each platform.

Within these two fundamental characteristics (content creation and distribution mainly through owned media), content marketing is a kind of “umbrella” in which many formats can fit … These are just some of the options:

In most cases, the foundation of a content strategy is to create a blog that is regularly updated with articles. It sounds easy … but the key is to create quality content week after week.

. One of the most used resources to generate leads, encouraging users to download them in exchange for their email.
. Another timeless classic, are highly viral and shareable content.
Podcasts . These “online radio” shows are a great way to sneak into your potential customers’ day-to-day lives and earn their loyalty.
Memes and . The best content is what users share by themselves, and in this, memes and are pure gold.
Courses and webinars . Do you think your company has something to teach? Feel free to share it!

What is Native Advertising?

The native advertising is one of the means that advertisers can use to bring their content to potential customers, but it has a couple of key differences in content marketing “classic”:

Where content marketing is based on “owned” media, native advertising is based on paying for space on other’s media . In this sense, it is similar to other more conventional formats, but be careful: here we are not paying for a banner-type space, but for integrating our content on equal terms with the rest of the articles, videos or other items published by the site. One of my favorite examples is an article about women in prison published by the New York Times to promote the Orange is The New Black series .
In content marketing we have to build our own audience and attract it to our channels, a generally long and expensive process (although the publication itself is free, it is a great investment of time and resources). In contrast, in native advertising we pay to access the audience of a specific medium , site or platform. This saves a lot of time and resources, so it is possible to see more immediate results. As is logical, the optimal thing is that the followers of that site coincide with our target.
Of course, these two tools have a lot in common and there are good practices that can be applied to both. So whatever option you have chosen for your marketing plan, these are two points to keep in mind:

Create content that is not only of quality, but also says something to your audience . You can choose to solve a problem or need for them, to make them laugh out loud, to inspire them or to excite them, but keep in mind that to be remembered in the sea of ​​information on social networks you cannot leave them indifferent.
Integrate with the rest of the content that your target consumes. Either with an article in your favorite medium or with an image in your Twitter timeline, your content should not stand out “for the worse”, that is, it should not be perceived as conventional advertising. In the age of , the user has the power , so use all your creativity to create content that you really want to consume.

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