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Content Hackers: Interview with Rafael Campos, Global Head of Inbound Marketing and Inside Sales at VTEX

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Content Hackers: Interview with Rafael Campos, Global Head of Inbound Marketing and Inside Sales at VTEX

In another edition of Content Hackers, active phone numbers in us Rock Content CMO , Diego Gomes , interviewed Rafael Campos , Global Head of Inbound Marketing and Inside Sales at VTEX . VTEX is a Brazilian technology multinational focused on the cloud commerce field. The company developed the platform with global operations,   active phone numbers in us   VTEX Cloud commerce, available in the market as SaaS. Today it has customers such as Walmart, Whirlpool, Lego, Disney, Loreal, Sony, Coca-Cola, Staples and 2,000 other stores in 16 countries. Check out the full interview and get to know tips on Digital Marketing : Diego Gomes: For starters, can you tell us a little bit about your story? active phone numbers in us Rafael Campos: Well, I’ve been working at VTEX for 8 years. I’ve worked with the implementation of a virtual store, I’ve given training to clients, active phone numbers in us I’ve been in the commercial area and I’ve lived in Argentina for almost 2 years.

Returning to offices and businesses, active phone numbers in us the first wave of expansion we did outside of Brazil was basically to Argentina, China, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. I came back from Argentina, around 2013, 2014, and I was only in the sales part, focused on a corporate group until 2016. That was when, for the first time, active phone numbers in us we became aware of Content Marketing and we saw that it was a very good strategy, mainly for lead generation. After that, we started to implement some processes in VTEX, using both Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales methodology. We put the two together to really restructure the sales part at VTEX and to optimize lead generation, active phone numbers in us as this was very small and we were too caught active phone numbers in us up in personal and interpersonal contacts amid market conditions.

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We wanted to have a front that didn’t just depend on the active phone numbers in us relationships between people. I’ve been breathing e-commerce for 10 years, I only know how to do that. We saw e-commerce taking its first steps in e-commerce. Today, I think that if I had to say a greater good of VTEX would be education and preparation for e-commerce. active phone numbers in us But of course, globalization and the speed of technologies will make it possible for a Chinese to sell a product at half price, and deliver it to us in a very short time. active phone numbers in us And if their price is positive, their sale goes up.  Hong Kong Lead  So one of the biggest concerns is how do we make the e-commerce market a competitive place? So we have a totally technological strand that serves the corporate in 16 countries, active phone numbers in us and in 10 countries we already have offices.

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