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Consumer Trends to Factor Into Your Marketing Strategy

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Consumer Trends to Factor Into Your Marketing Strategy

These trends point to the importance of brands showing empathy to their customers and a message of hope during uncertain times. Consumer Oman Email List buying decisions are being impacted more and more by a brand’s message, actions and transparency.

All of this has seen many companies and businesses needing to make shifts to their marketing plans in order to keep up with the changes. In this article, we’ll take a further look into these trends and give you tips on how you can implement each trend into both your traditional and digital strategy.

Let’s get started.

Shift to Value and Essentials
It makes sense that in times of economic downturn and uncertainty, consumers are more cautious in their spending and will look to make essential purchase a priority. Between the 20th and 30th March 2020, 49.6% of people in the UK reported a rise in anxiety level due to uncertainty over their well-being and uncertainty over their finances.

Quite simply, people have reduced their spending on non-essential products and services and increased purchases of ‘essentials’ such as groceries and household products. Consumers as a whole are more cautious over where their money goes and want to make sure that any purchases made are the right ones.

How Does Consumer Trends Affect Your Marketing Strategy?
Depending on what business you’re in, your product or service may have changed in some way during the last few months. If your products have changed then focus on showing your customers why your products/services are still essential to their lives at this time and how your products can help them in the future.

Showing the benefits of your product should be intertwined with a sense of empathy for your customers and the broader situation. Displaying empathy can translate to practical steps such as reducing your prices, negotiating payment plans with customers if they’ve run into financial difficulties or helping them with educational resources such as courses or guides.

Marketing Checklist for Successful Data-Driven Businesses
Here’s a checklist to identify the most important features that your eCommerce marketing intelligence solution should include to ease your daily struggles with data, help increase sales and lower your customer acquisition.

Find Out More
Brands and companies that show understanding and care for their customers in difficult times are poised to do well once the pandemic is over.

Use this time as an opportunity to strengthen your relationships with customers and help them out in any way you can.


Effects on Your Marketing Strategy
Depending on what industry you are in, you may already conduct the majority of your business online. If not, then it may be time to consider transferring at least a portion of your trading online. This could mean making your products available for sale on your website, promoting your products/services through online advertising and changing the way you service your customer base.

For example, provide price consultations over video calls or virtually. Run house tours or concept meetings online etc. It is possible – though harder – to take your service based business online, too.

The way you market your business online will depend on your industry and what you’re trying to achieve. There’s a lot to think about when you’re transitioning your business online, for a beginners guide to getting your business online check out this eight-step guide from and these 21 tips on marketing your business online from Entrepreneur.com.

It’s also a time when consumers are of brands making too many grandiose claims and false promises in their marketing.

What Does This Do to Your Marketing?
In uncertain times it’s natural for consumers to look for certainty and a sense of normality. While there are plenty of issues outside of your control as a business owner, you still have the opportunity to use these times as an opportunity to strengthen relationships with customers.

If your business has been negatively affected and you’re running into issues such as having specific products not being available, give your customers as much notice as possible and provide refunds accordingly.

Keeping your customers as informed and in the know as possible will strengthen your customers’ trust in you, and make them more likely to stick with your brand/company even in testing times.

Health and Caring Economy
With the gradual and phased reopening of economies, more and more businesses are taking measures to make sure they are complying with health recommendations and guidelines to keep their businesses open.

These measures can include having capacity limits, social distancing protocols in place, offering hand sanitizer for customers and asking visitors to wear masks. If you run a business that has several physical locations, your employees and customers’ safety should be your top .

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