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Buyer persona: How do you know who to sell to?

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Buyer persona: How do you know who to sell to?

The fundamental basis of any business is not having what to sell, but to whom. We cannot create a sales strategy without first being clear to whom it will be directed. Defining the audience is what is known as the Buyer Persona . The Buyer Persona is the base, it is the main vertebra of any strategy.  Aged Direct Mail Leads  Sometimes many companies do not have it well defined, and that is where different problems begin to emerge. That is why it is important to know what it is and how to correctly define the Buyer Persona in order to achieve greater sales. What is the Buyer Persona ? In marketing, we call Buyer Persona the representation or idealization of the ideal customer ; that is, a prototype of that person for whom the product was created. This recreation is based on the collection of real data on behavior and other demographic characteristics. It is through this compilation that, as a company, we can learn more about our clients and thus the marketing and sales strategies will be more successful. Guides to define the content to create and its style . Knowing the interests, concerns, conditions and sociodemographic data of potential customers help us to select and create content and topics to be discussed. Optimize marketing resources . When we seek to define the Buyer Persona we also implement tools to the strategy with which they will be optimized.

Know where to find it . Once the process of defining our Buyer Persona is done, we will know what their tastes are, how they act on the networks, and so on another occasion it will be much easier to locate a new group. As we have already seen, the Buyer Persona is an element of great importance ; Defining it drives searches for our company and products on the web. Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about the elements that we want to define and in this way we will not only be able to gather more information but also contribute to the development of adequate content when establishing a dissemination strategy. It is simply siding with the target audience in order to do a quick scan to identify common characteristics of potential buyers. From this point, it seeks to better understand customers, know what their needs are and thus find the content that best suits them. How to define the Buyer Persona? Sometimes, many confuse the creation of the Buyer Persona with a sociodemographic profile, and this is completely wrong. The Buyer goes far beyond just simple profiles and features. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration certain aspects when creating a successful Buyer Persona, these are: It is dynamic . The work never ends. It is very likely that over time you will have to complete descriptions and adjust details as you progress with the knowledge of the client. It does not require a complete description .

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Along the way to define the Buyer Persona we will surely find a lot of questions; however, to start working we do not need to answer all of them. As the strategy progresses, the descriptions will also expand. Every detail is important . Creating the ideal client and understanding their concerns and needs requires a lot of attention; so no detail, however insignificant it may seem, should not be missed. Why is it important to define it correctly? A business can function without defining a Buyer Persona, but this will imply a reduction in sales; so the importance of this element is that once created and established, it manages to boost the sales of a business. On the other hand,  Hong Kong Lead  knowing the customer better helps to communicate objectively to offer him the information or product he needs. At the same time, it achieves an increase in traffic and customers that will help us achieve the proposed objectives. Advantages of defining a Buyer Persona Previously we have talked about what the Buyer Persona is and its importance; now we will discuss its main advantages, in order to define one that meets all the needs of our marketing strategy. In that sense, the main advantages are: It helps to get to know the target audience better . The different tools used to determine or define a Buyer Persona give us certain characteristics, general or specific, in order to better understand the customer’s profile.

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