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Business Agility: How to Make Your Business Think Agile

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Business Agility: How to Make Your Business Think Agile

Business agility or business agile means making your company think agilely and effectively, unlocking processes and bureaucracies. cell number database The term is often associated with the work of developers and product teams. However, business agility must be considered as a global mentality of the company, not just technological areas. Business agility or business agile means making your company think in an agile and effective way, often unlocking processes and bureaucracies that prevent the company from climbing agilely and not getting lost in a traditional management model.   cell number database   The term is often associated with the work of developers and product teams, as they are teams that have more autonomy and are used to agile models such as scrum . However, business agility must be considered as a global mentality of the company, cell number database not just technological areas. What is Business Agility? As mentioned before, business agility is proposed as a way to increase the company’s effectiveness through business agility, cell number database also aligned with new technologies that can facilitate this process.

This company mentality compares and complements with themes that are discussed a lot in the market, such as lean startup , created and popularized by Eric Rise, cell number database or even lean manufacturing . But why? Here we have two business models whose main focus is to avoid waste to gain time, agility and maneuverability, or as we can also call it: agile development . This relationship can be better explained through the idea of ​​Henrik Nyberg , a reference in the lean and agile market . You should know that the image is a metaphor cell number database and it’s not about car development, it’s about product development that goes through several stages. We have two business models below, where (1) the product is developed thinking about the final result and (2) it cares about taking the customer from point A to point B. There is usually not much you can do with one wheel, or even four cell number database wheels connected to the axle. And the consequence is that the customer takes a long time to have the final result of the production process in hand. In addition, end-point tell number database production can cause your customer to change their cell number database minds during the process and all the time,

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amusing wasted materials to be wasted unless cell number database there is a new buyer in line. When we talk about waste, we soon come back to lean manufacturing methodology . In a second scenario, the same objective of being transported from point A to point B is treated in another way agile and practical. The skateboard is developed with mobility in mind, but when it presents instability, cell number database the product soon evolves into a scooter. It’s safer but it’s not built for long distances, so the bike is the next step.  Hong Kong Lead  However, long distances are tiring and, cell number database therefore, a motorcycle is developed to automate the process. The consumer can be very happy with the final result and the producer with the low cost, but the next step is their desire. Therefore, a product that was time cell number database consuming was broken into chains and guided by the customer’s need with an agile model to meet demand. The company’s organization was unlocked, which made its agile model ideal for the transformation of the product, as an MVP . And why do large companies have a cell number database hard time adapting?

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