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Boost your best practices with these 8 internal communication tools

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Boost your best practices with these 8 internal communication tools

Tool type : messaging, file sharing, task management. COO Email List With Flee , your team will have all its communication and task management in a single platform. Instead of having to exchange emails, you can simply send messages. There are even options to ensure that key messages are always easily available. Also, task management is incredibly simple in Flee. Team leaders can assign tasks, and collaborators can easily record their time, files, and more.  COO Email List  Team files can be made available to everyone or just those on the project. Any comments about projects are kept separate from the main messages to ensure that everyone stays aligned. 2. Troop Messenger Type of tool: communication and collaboration. Unlike some internal communication tools COO Email List that require users to input their personal data, Troop Messenger is designed for business teams.

This helps to limit distractions and get COO Email List all employees focused on their tasks. Employees and leaders can set up individual, group video calls and chat rooms. COO Email List Screen sharing is simplified on this intuitive platform. Also, employee locations can be shared. Better yet, cloud file sharing is available on Troop Messenger. The platform integrates seamlessly with various file sharing programs. COO Email List Prices : $2.50 for the Premium plan; $5 for the Enterprise plan; $9 for the Superior plan. 3. Yammer Type of tool: corporate social network. Built on dynamic communication principles, Yammer allows teams to communicate seamlessly without having to leave the Office 365 suite. COO Email List Like Teams, employees can talk to each other or place calls across the entire department. Yammer allows team leaders to build communities. COO Email List This ensures that similar departments are grouped together in case any individuals need to communicate. Teams can easily chat COO Email List and provide feedback on current project progress.

COO Email List

Pricing (available with Office 365 plans): Office 365 Business: $8.25 per user/month; Office 365 Business Premium: $12.50 per user/month; COO Email List Office 365 Business Essentials $5 per user/month. 4. Bit.AI Tool Type : Cloud-based Collaboration. This platform is designed for cloud-based collaboration. Document sharing, workflow management,  Hong Kong Lead  messaging, library sharing and other functionality are included in Bit.AI . Companies can even upload their full branding guidelines and individual files. This ensures that staff have the right files when requested by customers, new media outlets and public relations firms. Bit.AI is incredibly similar to Google Drive. COO Email List The main difference between the two is that Bit.AI has a cleaner user interface. This allows employees to focus on exactly what they need when they are connected to the platform. COO Email List contact us about the Enterprise plan. 5. Proof Hub Type of tool : collaboration, communication, review.

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