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Automation Marketing, the strategies that companies are betting on to grow their businesses in 2021

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Automation Marketing, the strategies that companies are betting on to grow their businesses in 2021

The automation of Marketing processes today is a fundamental part of Digital Transformation. More and more companies are betting on technology to increase Estonia Email List their online sales of products and services.

This month the obligatory appointment is the Demo Day , in which business and Marketing professionals will get to know first-hand the functionalities that the most successful companies in the market are betting on. Registration is free and all those interested in growing their digital businesses will be able to access it.


For this, more and more companies are using communication traditionally with good results such as Email and SMS to generate interconnected and enriching experiences of users for brands.

This requires understanding how your prospects and customers interact with your different touch points, and what their needs and pain points are. The key lies in designing personalized tours for each user. According to the study carried out in 2020 by , the development of sales opportunities through Marketing Automation converts between 15% and 20% into effective sales. This potentially translates to 15-20% of buyers being lost if you are not using marketing automation software.

Another of the main advantages of Automation according to Digital Marketing experts is the increase in productivity, which reaches up to 20% . In addition, its implementation does not require internal technology teams or large investments, which is a point in favor for companies of all sizes today, which can find in Doppler a solution to predict possible actions and needs of the clients of how simple, fast and efficient.

Why companies are betting on Email, SMS and Automation Marketing
The Email Marketing is one of the favorite by Marketing professionals all kinds of businesses. It is a versatile that allows the user to reach the user directly, without depending on third-party algorithms.

Through Email, companies convey their messages to their audience in all parts of the sales funnel. From commercial messages to order confirmation and billing emails. Within the Marketing Mix, Email is the with the highest return on investment that remains current and more alive than ever.

However, this last time has been one of the crossed by Artificial Intelligence, which enables hyper according to the behaviors and preferences of each user. This allows for even higher conversion rates.

On the other hand, one of the that more and more companies are betting on is SMS Marketing , a for reaching the user through their mobile device. According to a study carried out by the company, 4 out of 5 users read SMS. This implies an open rate of 80% , much higher than the average in Email.

The Marketing Automation can bring together the best of all worlds. Create personalized content for the status of each user, monitor and connect with the audience of each company at the right time and with the right message. Generating conversion funnels that impact the user at the right moment and through the most appropriate is the winning strategy for this hyper-connected world in which we live.

The data provided by Doppler indicates that the messages that reach the user from an action carried out imply an opening rate 50% higher than the classic Newsletter . That is why the integration of all the digital of the business and the knowledge of the user’s journey until reaching the final conversion becomes key to grow the results with less investment.

Marketing automation is today one of the main strategies to deal with the rapid digitization of users. Without automation, companies become static and in a completely dynamic world. Essentially, in addition to directly impacting the billing of any business , Automation improves efficiency and reduces redundancy in Marketing processes.

A live demonstration of the main attributes of Doppler

When it comes to Digital Transformation in marketing, we often see companies focus first on technology. They buy various software solutions and launch without considering the surrounding elements of technology. Some time later, we find that organizations have made little progress in business maturity or adoption level.

This is because Digital Transformation is about much more than buying tools and hoping they work . It’s about helping the team learn the right skills and changing processes along the way. That is why Doppler has implemented two intensive and totally free training sessions to learn first-hand through its tool the main functionalities to understand the ecosystem.

Now companies can create complex automation flows in just a few steps and without the need to hire additional hours of technology since everything is done within the platform. Among the multiple marketing automation functionalities, the creation of flows based on user behavior in previous campaigns, on the site or e-commerce stands out, as well as advanced segmentation against the company’s database.

Other outstanding features of Doppler are the online edition of 100% email templates, creation of forms to attract new clients, real-time measurement through detailed reports and a wide package of integrations with other leading applications to take full advantage of the potential of each platforms.

The first training will be initial level on Wednesday April 28, and in one hour the keys will be provided to take the first steps in Email Marketing in Doppler. The second training will take place the next day, also lasting one hour, and will address advanced features and winning strategies. Those interested can register for free by clicking here .

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