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Attract and convert: what content to offer for each phase of the funnel?

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Attract and convert: what content to offer for each phase of the funnel?

In this phase we seek to attract traffic or, in other words, make strangers become visitors to our website.

To do this, we can use a wide variety of strategies such as:

SEO : by optimizing our own website (SEO on page) and link building techniques (SEO off page), we seek to position ourselves among the first Google results and in this way obtain clicks when users search for terms related to our products or to the needs that they meet.
SEM : this technique Andorra Email Lists is also based on improving our search engine positioning, but in this case we will use paid ads.
Social networks : in addition to generating community and interaction around our brand, social networks can also help us to attract visitors. In addition to trying to generate organic traffic, we can rely on paid resources such as promoted publications or other social ad formats .

Email marketing : this tool can be very valuable to generate visits, but beware of indiscriminate recruitment campaigns. Buying third-party databases is rarely a good idea, especially with the new rules.
Branding and public relations campaigns : for example, events aimed at .
In this phase, the appropriate content will be more generic, focused on solving a need that the user has detected and that in some way has to do with our brand. These are some examples:

Blog articles . To make them more dynamic, always prioritize readability: short paragraphs, lists, sections … When it comes to attracting clicks, it is very important to have a headline with a hook. There are many formulas that can work, from “7 things you didn’t know” lists to “negative” headlines like “the big mistake I won’t make again.” But in any case, the most important thing is that they are quality and well-cared for items.

In-depth guides . This content seeks to resolve all the doubts of a user regarding a topic of interest and make them feel informed. They can be in blog post format (in which case it is crucial to include an index and well differentiated sections) or through an .
Video tutorials . It shows users how to do something they need in a direct, useful and enjoyable way.
Podcasts . Another good way to attract visitors, increase the recognition of your brand and position yourself as an expert in your sector.

Funnel phases: conversion
In the conversion phase , we want the visitor to leave us their data to become a lead. Here are three resources that are especially important: landing pages, forms and call to action.

The landing page is a page of our website specially designed to capture leads, that is, for users to leave us their data in exchange for an offer or content of interest to them.

For a landing to work, it is important that the value offer is appropriate for the target audience. But that is not everything, since the copy and the design are also very important. These are some tricks to create better landing:

Clearly explain the benefits of the offer or content to download . As with blog articles, readability is very important. Remember: short sentences and paragraphs, lists and headings are your friends.

Make smart use of white space , so it’s clear and easy on the eye.
Remove all non-essential items , for example the navigation menu. The idea is that the user cannot be distracted before converting

The form is an essential element to attract and convert leads, since that is where they will leave us their contact information. It is important that all the fields are very clear, that it is easy to use and that it does not overwhelm the user by asking for too much information, although it is enough to be able to assess whether we are interested as a lead.

Finally, the call to action or calls to action are the elements through which we tell the user what we want him to do. They are generally button-shaped. When designing our landing, we must bear in mind that the user’s attention must always be directed to them.

We have seen that in this phase we can use content as a for the user to leave us their data. In turn, if you have reached this stage, you should already have a clearer idea of ​​what you need and how to solve it, so we can offer you more specialized content. Here are some ideas:

Webinars . Especially useful for B2B companies, webinars offer the user the opportunity to answer all their doubts by chatting with an expert in the sector.
Free samples or trial periods .

If we opt for this option, we have to explain the conditions of the offer very clearly and reduce objections (for example, some brands do not ask for credit card details until the trial period has ended).
Testimonials and case studies. This type of content can be very good for us to reinforce the credibility of our landing pages.

We already have the user’s data and have established a relationship with him. Now, the idea is to gradually nurture that relationship until you become a customer. Marketing automation comes into play here , through two fundamental techniques:

Lead scoring : it is based on designing a system to score each new contact, so that we can objectively know what their chances of becoming a customer of the brand are.

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