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Advertising in Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

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Advertising in Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Usually, advertising in Google Ads vs Facebook Ads is thought of as a kind of rivalry that has spread at the hands of technology companies such as Facebook and Google. This idea, which leaves advertisers in the middle, also forces them to make the complex decision of choosing which advertising platform to use; Questions that are very common in those who want to grow their businesses and who also know little about digital marketing. But the truth is that many companies tend to take full advantage of the high points of advertising in Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Facebook Ads. This is because if used within a digital marketing strategy, they will help achieve greater visibility, an increase in potential customers and sales.  Agricultural Mailing List  Therefore, throughout this post we will establish the most obvious similarities and differences, as well as the advantages of using both advertising platforms and why you should consider using both. Differences between platforms Currently, specialists in AdWords (Google sponsored links), online marketing, SEO or e-commerce debate on the hypothesis that ads on Facebook, Facebook Ads, will soon surpass advertising on Google AdWords . But even if they are two different tools and platforms, there are many similarities between the two when it comes to advertising on the web. 1.- Payment method – Cost per Click One of the great similarities is that both platforms offer the possibility of making Pay Per Click or cost per click (CPC). This means that the system will only charge for the clicks that users make on the ad; While impressions, that is, the number of times the ad is shown, will have no cost .

However, we can conclude that generally the cost in Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is higher than in Facebook. But starting on Facebook is more affordable today than it is on AdWords. 2.- Segmentation or hype segmentation The fundamental form of segmentation in Google is through keywords, keywords. You can also select the times and territories where you want the ads to appear in the searches. For its part, Facebook offers more variety of options, such as territory (you can even limit it to a neighborhood in your city), age, sex, demographics, education; interests of all kinds, mobile devices (type and brand of phone or tablet). 3.- Text ads vs. Text + image ads The presentation plays a fundamental role; Especially if we show that Google only allows the use of text in the ads displayed on its search results page; and it only allows the text + image ad option on its Display Network. While Facebook Ads is characterized by allowing an image to be included in the upper part of the ad , above the descriptive texts. When we use advertising in Google Ads we risk people looking for an answer to their questions or a solution to their problem; In other words, they are already advanced in their buying journey. For their part, on Facebook, users browse by viewing their photos, news, replying to comments or chatting with their contacts; at the time, they are not proactively seeking advertising or buying, like on Google. In that sense, if advertising campaigns are created in Google Ads, it is important to take into account that the landing page or capture page matches in design and copy with the keywords that you are using in the campaign. While on Facebook, you should focus on creating audiences with interests, demographics, and characteristics that match our ad. 5.- Branding vs a predetermined interest On Facebook, most of the time the ads and advertising campaigns are aimed at people who do not know that the product and / or service exists.

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This helps to create brand recognition and web positioning, that is, it is branding. But in Google Ads, the focus is to attract people who have already made a journey in their purchase research, and who did not, for some reason, purchase the product or service. Branding in Google Ads is possible, but it is much more advisable to use Facebook for that purpose and focus more on direct response tasks with Google. Advantages of advertising in Google Ads Google, the world’s most popular search engine, is considered the de facto leader in online advertising. With an estimated 3.5 billion search queries every day, this platform offers advertisers access to an unprecedented and unmatched potential audience . Therefore, among its advantages we can highlight: Google’s advertising offerings are divided into two main networks: the Search network that encompasses the entirety of Google as a search engine (Google Ads); and the Display network that serves advertisers with visual ads such as banners, encompasses approximately 98% of the entire Internet. With more than 40,000 search queries per second, offer the opportunity to reach a potential audience. Its main objective is the quality of the ads and the relevance of them; it doesn’t focus on how much advertisers spend.  Hong Kong Lead  Ad extensions, user reviews, sitelinks, Shopping ads, placement targeting, and other features are available to advertisers. Advantages of Facebook Ads Compared to advertising on Google Ads, Facebook ads are the innovation of the moment, according to many. But the truth is that Facebook has been perfecting its advertising solution for years; The advantages of advertising on this platform are: Facebook has a really wide global audience: more than 1.55 billion monthly active users worldwide.

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