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7 Content Marketing Frameworks to Drive Traffic, Improve SEO and Build Community

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7 Content Marketing Frameworks to Drive Traffic, Improve SEO and Build Community

This content is a translation and adaptation of the free list of cell phone numbers original text written by Tyler Hakes, director of strategy at Optimist . I started working with content marketing almost 10 years ago. I admit I had no idea what I was doing. He had just graduated from college as a journalist and knew he liked to write. I ran a small online magazine (more for fun than money), so it seemed obvious that I was going to get into content marketing.  free list of cell phone numbers  After all, I was going to write and publish things, but I would be paid more to do it. Same thing, right? Of course, I learned that this was not the case. Content marketing isn’t the same as publishing for most companies, because it’s driven by different reasons. Most editors are only concerned with attracting eyes page views free list of cell phone numbers which is certainly considered a vanity metric by most industry standards.

But over the years, I’ve studied and thought a lot free list of cell phone numbers about how content works at the strategic level and what tactical steps make that strategy viable . I’ve been looking at content from various angles and commercial channels – search, social media, email, etc. and thinking about how content becomes a component that free list of cell phone numbers generates movement within a broader strategy that helps a business grow. For content to matter, it needs to be created with an intention that relates to something bigger than just spilling words on a page. It must be strategy-driven and must fit within a framework on how to use content to create real value for a business. free list of cell phone numbers Content just for content is not a strategy . Having a blog and praying is not a strategy. I compiled these 7 frameworks as a way of thinking about content free list of cell phone numbers marketing from a strategic and tactical perspective.

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At the high level, you will see how different free list of cell phone numbers aspects work together to achieve different goals. However, in more detail, you will see how the individual parts go together to achieve these ends. Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive manual for every content marketing strategy imaginable. However, free list of cell phone numbers it touches on most of the common scenarios, business challenges and goals that we see when talking to customers or potential customers. free list of cell phone numbers And almost every scenario is covered when you include each of the variations you can create by free list of cell phone numbers combining one or more of these  Hong Kong Lead Hong Kong Lead frameworks to achieve the specific goals outlined. In practice: IN Vision IN Vision has attracted a really large following for its fantastic content focused on designers, product teams and entrepreneurs. free list of cell phone numbers free list of cell phone numbers And they’ve leveraged that content, and all the traffic it generates,

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