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4 Important Things I Learned From Rock Content’s Corporate Blogs Certification

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4 Important Things I Learned From Rock Content’s Corporate Blogs Certification

Rock Content’s Corporate Blog course can give you german mobile number tracker valuable insights on how to manage your company’s blog. See 4 main points here! high Nicole Gonzales May 15th, 19th | 5 min read what-learned-with-certification-blogs I confess that before joining Rock, in June 2018, I was not very adept at taking online courses.  german mobile number tracker  I always thought that the good old Google and the video lessons on YouTube would help to clear my doubts and curiosities about a certain subject. But when I became an intern at the largest Content Marketing company in german mobile number tracker Latin America Rock Content, I felt it was time to become a marketing expert and that for that to happen, I would need more than a german mobile number tracker quick search or a 5 minute video.

That’s when I immersed myself in the courses at Rock University , german mobile number tracker becoming more and more knowledgeable about the universe of digital marketing and getting my certifications. The last one was Corporate Blogs , german mobile number tracker given by the specialist in Content Marketing, André Mourinho. I enjoyed this course so much that I decided to come here and tell you the 4 most important things I learned when I got my certification. Are you curious? So here we go! 1. A blog is essential to your strategy There is no escape, creating a blog is one of the first steps for a brand to stand out and achieve a good reputation online. One of the coolest things german mobile number tracker I consider about a content marketing strategy is the fact that a brand becomes useful to its audience by sharing quality content and a wide range of topics, german mobile number tracker and not just advertising itself.

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With that in mind, a blog is the perfect tool to delve into german mobile number tracker different subjects related to your brand or product and educate your audience .  Hong Kong Lead  In addition, a blog regularly supplied with good content makes the Lifetime Value (LTV) of a company increase, as the customer, seeing your brand as a reference in quality information, german mobile number tracker can make new purchases or hire your services for more time as he sees more value in your company. 2. SEO is not a 7-headed bug (and it’s critical to a digital marketing strategy) At first glance, SEO may seem like just another one of those acronyms of digital german mobile number tracker marketing that haunts those who are starting studies on the subject. But can I tell you something? SEO is pretty cool german mobile number tracker and learning about it is relatively simple, you just need to dedicate yourself a little bit.

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