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36 amazing travel logos that take you on an adventure

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36 amazing travel logos that take you on an adventure

Traveling is awesome. You’ll be searching for hours to find somebody who says they don’t like to travel and even longer to find someone who doesn’t have a dream destination—or five—on their bucket list. Effective travel logo design taps into humanity’s collective love of travel and uses it to sell adventures. Whether you’re a travel blogger or you need a travel agency logo, having a stunning travel logo will inspire adventurers to go ahead and book that flight. Here we collected some amazing travel logos to inspire you.

Collage of different travel logos what makes a good travel logo — when you think of a travel brand, you probably think of a travel website, hotel or a travel group. Maybe you think of a travel agency or booking website. But the travel industry is way bigger than that. It’s transportation companies, cool experiences, travel blogs, apps that make booking flights and finding lodging quick and easy and pet and childsitting services that give parents the peace of mind to take some time to themselves to explore.


Inspiring ideas for travel logos

Line art travel logo with trees, sun and fish tail travel background remove service logo design by skilline think about the value these kinds of companies deliver. They all, in some way, help us live out our desire to explore the world. Effective logos in this industry inspire wanderlust by being imaginative and fun. After all, even the most boring business trip is at least a little bit fun. Travel companies can make their industry clear by using travel imagery in their logos, like airplanes and suitcases.

But they don’t have to stick to these kinds of images. Because the travel industry is a fun, creative, leisure industry, prospective clients don’t need to be explicitly told what to expect from your brand like they might in another industry, like home improvement or legal representation.

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Travel logos that promise adventure

They’re already flying high in their Hong kong Lead imaginations, and you’re just providing the bridge their dreams can cross into reality. Whimsical, abstract and witty logos work great for travel brands, After that, as do logos that aren’t afraid to get extreme, funny and weird. Inspiring ideas for travel logos — nostalgic vintage travel logos vintageinspired logos are a popular choice for all kinds of companies. For brands in the travel space, a vintage logo typically means one that throws it back to the glamorous art deco travel posters of the 1920s and 30s.

When it doesn’t, it might be a throwback to the golden age of flying, the 1950s through the 1980s. Or it might get personal with travelers, stoking their nostalgia for family road trips or childhood summers at wooded summer camps. No matter which route you choose, a vintageinspired travel logo evokes wanderlust by speaking to viewers’ feelings about travel.


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