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Basically, it could be said that AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an improved HTML . It is specially designed for mobile phones and its main function is, as Barbados Email Lists you can , speed up the loading time of the websites that have it implemented.

In addition, due to the aforementioned restrictions, in a website created with AMP not all the elements can be placed freely, since certain structures will be predetermined in advance.

This third element affects the , that is, the information that the search engine saves on a website to speed up its loading. In the words of the company itself, “it captures AMP HTML pages, caches them and improves their performance automatically.”

Since its appearance in 2015, Google has increasingly given AMP more weight when it comes to positioning well in mobile searches, so it is advisable to take this option into account if you want to rank well in the search engine .

If this is your objective, perhaps you should consider the option of directly hiring this type of services from professionals. In this article you will find the reference SEO in Spain and some tips to get it right when choosing one or the other.

In addition, sending emails with dynamic content to your contact list will allow you to send quality traffic to your website (lower bounce rate, more browsing time, etc.), which will also add a plus to the SEO of your site. But what exactly is dynamic content?

What is dynamic content?
The dynamic content are those elements of a web or an email that vary depending on the information known to the user and their previous behavior.

Thanks to it, you will be able to offer the user a personalized experience that really offers him information of interest and that, of course, brings him closer to his conversion.

Benefits of dynamic content
As I have already said, the appearance of AMP for Gmail and the possibility of adding dynamic content to emails has been a revolution for the area of email marketing , but do you know what its main benefits are?

Dynamic content adapts to needs
The customization possibilities offered by dynamic content are almost endless and can be done on a multitude of levels. This ranges from the simplest, such as putting the recipient’s name in the email, to more complex aspects related to where and when the email is opened.

The more user information you have, the greater the of your dynamic email can be. Sex, age, purchase history, tastes and preferences, location … All the data available can help the email marketing campaign to end up being a success.

An example: you have a chain of clothing stores and you decide to add a map with their location in the emails you send. When the user accesses the email, based on their GPS location, you can show them the closest store.

In this way, it will be easier for them to buy a product than if you were showing them the store that is located on the other side of the city, don’t you think?

All users like to feel unique and special . As a consequence of the high customization possibilities it offers, dynamic emails give you the possibility to make your subscribers feel that way.

Thanks to the arrival of AMP to Gmail, you will be able to assemble your emails so that it offers some images or others depending on whether it is intended for a woman or a man, by choosing a variable. All about the same email, without having to design, configure and program a different email for men and women.

This allows you to show the recipient of the email that you know their interests and that you understand them, that you want to help them meet their needs and that you also know how to do it.

If you can offer this to your contact list, how could you not build loyalty?

Dynamic content is very profitable
The main advantage of dynamic content is to make the recipient feel that you are addressing them, solely and exclusively to them.

Only by customizing the subject of the email will you be able to improve the opening rate between 20 and 30%. Can you imagine what you can achieve if you take further?

If you also take into account that once you configure the email you will not have to send a different one to each type of user, but that it will serve to impact everyone in a personalized way, the amount of time you will save will be considerable.

If you add these two factors, the increase in the open rate (and other related metrics) and the time savings, the return on investment is more than guaranteed.

For the consumer, feeling that a message is perfectly suited to their needs or situation and that it is not a general message spread en will make them feel special.

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