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19 Social Media Backlinks to Elevate Your SEO

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19 Social Media Backlinks to Elevate Your SEO

Using backlinks on social networks can be the usa phone number database free download main differential of your SEO strategy in relation to your competitors. See 19 opportunities to link your domains on social media! Gone are the days when we could disregard social networks in a Digital Marketing strategy . Increasingly, they are an usa phone number database free download essential part of a company’s online positioning, but they can bring other types of results as well. These platforms can also help your SEO strategy, and get you even higher rankings on Google. And this is simpler than you might think: just place the right backlinks in strategic places on your networks. With the reach that social media has, the links you choose can lead your followers to discover your site,  usa phone number database free download  new offers and even your products. In addition to being a great beacon for Google of your domain’s relevance.

Therefore, you cannot waste the usa phone number database free download potential that backlinks on social networks can have, not only to bring traffic, but to reach an audience that you may not have brought closer to your company. So that you leave here with your strategy already much stronger, I’ll give you the best backlinks you can place on usa phone number database free download your social networks. Stay with me.! Backlinks on Instagram 1. The link in your bio In your Instagram bio you can only put a link and, as in your posts you can’t do that, this place becomes even more strategic. usa phone number database free download This is one of the main backlinks you can have, mainly because it’s Instagram. This social network that is the most important at the moment and the one that probably concentrates the largest number of followers in your company. usa phone number database free download Don’t be content with just putting the link to your site there,

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after all, you need to think about the experience of usa phone number database free download various types of users, whether they are a new follower or someone who is already following you. They are looking for different things, so you need to be able to meet both needs.  Hong Kong Lead  Platforms like link tree allow you to direct your user to more than one place. usa phone number database free download As well as the example of the O Granulate confectionery . Taking advantage of platforms like this, you can take different types of users to different places, which will make sense for the moment of contact with your brand. 2. Links in your stories Not all accounts have access to “see more” links in stories. usa phone number database free download This feature is usually released on accounts with more than 10,000 users. For those who do, this is a great time to publicize blogposts and bring your followers to your site. Just as we did to advertise one of our vacancies. The “see more” usa phone number database free download button took the user to that vacancy’s page.

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