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10 marketing strategies for you to test in the first half

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10 marketing strategies for you to test in the first half

Technology and consumer are constantly changing. buy mobile uae In order not to lose competitiveness, companies must keep pace with changes. That’s why, in this article, we’ve brought some marketing strategies for you to try out in the second half of 2019 and align your business with market trends. You’ve already noticed that marketing is always on the move, right?  buy mobile uae  The strategies you applied last year need to be revised. The tools you used yesterday have already been surpassed by others. It might be hard to accept, but new channels have popped up since you last updated on the area. The landscape is one of constant transformation, as technology and the consumer change faster and faster and marketing strategies need to keep pace .buy mobile uae So, in this article, let’s talk about the strategies you can apply in the first half of 2020 to renew your approaches.

Even if your actions are working right now, buy mobile uae it could be that in the coming months they will no longer work. So, to improve results in reach, engagement and sales, learn about some promising strategies now. If you haven’t used any of them yet, it’s time to give it a try! 1. Live Streams We already know that videos gained their space on the internet. buy mobile uae Just look at their Facebook feed or WhatsApp conversations to see that they’ve mastered digital content. Within a video marketing strategy , one of the most engaging types of content is lives . Who has never watched a live stream of a show, a game, a lecture or simply a conversation with an influencer? buy mobile uae This type of video is increasingly gaining prominence on the internet. Facebook and YouTube were the first networks to launch live streaming. Facebook also created a specific platform for videos, buy mobile uae the Watch , which encourages interactions with real-time broadcasts.

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On Instagram, it’s also possible to do live streams in Stories , buy mobile uae which highlight these videos ahead of other publications and even send notifications to users when the live starts. LinkedIn also took an important buy mobile uae step in the direction of live broadcasts, and in the first half of 2019, it launched LinkedIn Live . So if you haven’t used this type of content in your marketing strategies yet,  Hong Kong Lead  try it in the first half of 2020. Not sure what you can show off in your lives? buy mobile uae See now some ideas that suit all types of business: interviews with market experts (they can even be your company’s employees!); announcements of news from your company (but they need to be really relevant to the audience, ok?); tutorials about your products; webinars on topics in your area of ​​expertise; questions and answers (Q&A) with followers; behind the scenes of the company, the daily lives of employees, buy mobile uae the production process, the recording of a commercial; events and shows that your company participates in (as a listener, supporter, sponsor, etc.). buy mobile uae The coolest thing about live videos is authenticity.

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